CSE 341 - Programming Languages - Autumn 2006


  1. Scheme warmup -- due Oct 4, 10 pm
  2. Scheme -- Symbolic Data Part I -- due Oct 11, 10 pm.
  3. Scheme -- Symbolic Data Part II; Macros - due Oct 18, 10 pm
  4. Miranda Part I -- due Oct 25, 10 pm
  5. Miranda Part II -- due Oct 30, 10 pm
  6. Java Generics and Smalltalk warmup -- due Nov 8, 10 pm
  7. Smalltalk Part II -- due Nov 15, 10 pm
  8. Smalltalk Project -- due Nov 21, 10 pm
    Starter files: hw8.zip
  9. Constraint Logic Programming -- due Dec 6, 10 pm


We will use the "turnin" program on attu.cs.washington.edu for submitting homeworks. Here is the command:
turnin -c cse341[=AA/AB] [-p hwnumber] (filenames).
For example, if you are in Section AA and are turning in one file trees.m for hw2, use this command:
turnin -c cse341=AA -p hw5 trees.m
Please turn in all of the files that comprise your homework solutions at once, with one turnin command. If you execute multiple turnin commands within a "time box", previous turnin files will be overwritten by the new ones. (A "time box" is the entire period up until the due date, or a given day after the due date.) You can run turnin multiple times anytime before the due date, or on a given late day after the due date. The latest turnin will be graded.


man turnin
on attu.cs.washington.edu for more information, or for a terse list of commands
turnin -h

Accessing Grades and Graded Homework

Graded homework is on the web at the following URL in the following directory. Replace "YourLogin" is your CSE NetID if you have one; otherwise your UW NetID. You'll need to log in with your UW NetId (only you can access your directory). http://www.cs.washington.edu/education/courses/cse341/CurrentQtr/graded-homework/YourLogin