CSE 341: Syllabus, Spring 2003

CSE 341

Programming Languages

Spring 2003

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington

Steve Tanimoto (instructor), Jed Liu and Eric Ott (teaching assistants).



(most recently updated on 3 April 2003)

Tentative list of topics to be covered:

Grading -- approximate percentages

Late Policy for Homework

Unless otherwise noted, if an assignment is turned in after the beginning of the class at which the assignment is due, but within one hour of the deadline, 10% off.  Between 1 hour and 1 day late, 15% off. Between 1 day and 1 week late, 20% off.  After 1 week late, 10% per additional week late.

Policy on Collaboration

WARNING: Unless indicated otherwise in writing, each assignment is to be done by each student individually and independently.  Students are encouraged to study together and help each other in debugging.  However, sharing a solution with another student before the assignment is due or looking at someone else's solution and subsequently modifying your own before the assignment is due is inappropriate.  Student solutions judged by the TA and instructor to be suspiciously similar may lead to prosecution under the College of Engineering's policy on academic misconduct.


1. Steven Tanimoto: Symbols, Programs, Interaction: An Introduction to Common Lisp  Available at Professional Copy and Print, 4200 University Way. The cost is approximately $15.00. (Required reading).

2. Patrick Niemeyer and Jonathan Knudsen: Learning Java. O'Reilly, 2000. (available at the University Bookstore -- this books is Optional. The Bookstore may mistakenly have labelled it required.) Java will be an optional language in this offering of CSE 341.

3. Robert W. Sebesta A Little Book on PerlPrentice-Hall, 2000. (required; available at the University Bookstore).

References on Common Lisp

There are a number of online resources for Common Lisp. Here are some of them.

References on Java (Note that Java is not required in CSE 341 this quarter)


References on ML

ML is available on the instructional Unix machines in the CSE department. We are using a version called "sml" or Standard ML of New Jersey. To use it on a machine such as Fiji, just type

References on Prolog and Logic Programming

References on Visual Languages

 A few VL references are here:

References on Perl

 Here are a few of the many online resources for Perl:

Course Mailing List:

Our email list is: cse341@cs.washington.edu
The archive is here.

General References on Unix and  HTML

For those of you who are new to Unix, you might like to read the local ACM chapter's tutorial on Unix or look at this web site.

For HTML, you can look at web page sources in Netscape by clicking on View and then selecting Page Source.
You can also read about HTML here.

For information on the Emacs text editor check this local page, which covers the Windows versions.  Here's the GNU Emacs online manual.