CSE 341: Programming Languages

Spring Quarter, 2001

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When doing homework assignments, you may form a team of two people to work together. To be a team, you must work together on all aspects of the homework, learning from each other; you cannot divide up the work and work separately. Simply list two names on the homework that is turned in. A team is defined for a single homework assignment; there is no obligation to remain a team for future assignments, nor is there any problem with remaining a team throughout the quarter. A person can be a member of different teams on different homeworks.
Late days
Over the course of the quarter, you can use up to 4 late days. A late day gives you an extra 24 hours to turn in a homework assignment, no questions asked. You can use up to 2 late days for any single assignment. After your late days are used up for a given assignment, or for the whole quarter, then no credit will be given for late work, no questions asked. So use your late days wisely; they are your cushion in case of unexpected emergencies or other scheduling conflicts.

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We will be using a mailing list for administrative and instructional purposes.

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