CSE341 -- Spring 2000


Class material

Greg Badros's class slides: pdf, ps.



Introduction to Perl (U. of Missouri - Columbia)
Perl Tutorial: Start (U. of Leeds, UK)
Introduction to Perl (Gary Major)


Perl.com, the Perl home page
Perl Manual Pages
You will probably be particularly interested in the perlfunc manual page, which (surprise!) describes all Perl's built-in functions. Those of you on Unix boxes with a working Perl installation can access the Perl manual pages using man perl, though that's harder to read.
Perl Desktop Reference
Perl FAQs
Another Perl FAQ that may be of use: PerlFAQ Prime.


Perl advocacy; focuses on Perl user groups etc.
O'Reilly's Perl Center
For those of you who don't know, O'Reilly is the premier publisher of Perl books, including the famous "Llama book" and "Camel book" (both highly recommended).

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