* Copyright 2011 Steven Gribble
 *  This file is the solution to an exercise problem posed during
 *  one of the UW CSE 333 lectures (333exercises).
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// lec 10 exercise 1


#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

// A "ThreeDPoint" is a class representing a three-dimensional point.
// Internally, a ThreeDPoint is represented with doubles for the x, y,
// and z axis values. 
class ThreeDPoint {

  // Constructors; we use initialization lists to initialize.
  ThreeDPoint() : x_(0), y_(0), z_(0) { }
  ThreeDPoint(const double x, const double y, const double z)
    : x_(x), y_(y), z_(z) { }

  // Copy constructor.
  ThreeDPoint(const ThreeDPoint &pt);

  // Accessors (inlined).
  double get_x() const { return x_; };
  double get_y() const { return y_; };
  double get_z() const { return z_; };

  // Inner product.
  double InnerProduct(const ThreeDPoint &pt) const;

  // Add, subtract operators.
  ThreeDPoint operator+(const ThreeDPoint &pt) const;
  ThreeDPoint operator-(const ThreeDPoint &pt) const;

  // Add/subtract and assign operators.
  ThreeDPoint &operator+=(const ThreeDPoint &pt);
  ThreeDPoint &operator-=(const ThreeDPoint &pt);

  // Assignment operator.
  ThreeDPoint &operator=(const ThreeDPoint &pt);

  // Override "<<" for std::ostream.
  friend ostream &operator<<(ostream &out, const ThreeDPoint &pt);

  double x_, y_, z_;

#endif  // _LEC10_EX1_THREEDPOINT_H_