The entire course staff may be reached by Privately Posting on Ed or over email at cse332-staff. For sensitive personal questions (DRS, extenuating circumstances, etc.), please feel free to write to the instructor directly.


Arthur Liu Instructor

Email: artliu

Hi! I just finished my master's degree from UW CSE, and I'm excited to lecture for this class! Besides CS, I enjoy staying active. I love playing soccer and I just recently competed in a triathlon.


Winston Jodjana he/him Infrastructure

Email: winj

Hey all! I'm from Indonesia and actually this picture was taken at a volcano there and I'm pretty sure I was inhaling sulfur at that time😓. I'm currently a BS/MS student and I've been TAing this course since 20su, mainly working on the infrastructure of the course.

Aside from school, my biggest hobby is playing video games. Recently, I've been playing a lot of Lost Ark and also just waiting for the next Savage tier in FF14.

Looking forward to working with all of you!


Dara Stotland she/her AC

Email: dstot

Hi! I'm Dara and I am a rising junior from Edmonds, WA. I enjoy running, hiking, and bouldering in my free time. I am also huge fan of F1. I really enjoyed 332 and I'm excited to be one of your TAs this quarter. Feel free to reach out about anything!


Hans Easton he/him AA, AC

Email: hans00

I spent a major chunk of the pandemic 2021 interning and just returned from a spring quarter getaway in Hawaii, where I attempted learning how to surf. It was tons of fun, highly recommended!

This summer, I will be taking an intro dance class and a course on history of Mexico. Outside of school, I am hoping to get into bouldering and rowing, as well as hiking with friends over weekends. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone. I hope that this summer will be tons of learning and fun for each one of you. Don't hesitate to reach out about course material, internship hunting tips, etc. Happy to help!


Nathan Akkaraphab he/him AB

Email: akkanath

Hi everyone! I'm Nathan and I just graduated CS and Math. This is my second quarter TA this course. Outside school, I have been mostly playing video games (OW, Genshin), watching animes, and solving Rubik's cube.


Neel Jog he/him AA

Email: njog02

Hey everyone! My name is Neel and I'm a third-year student majoring in computer science. This is my fourth-quarter as a TA, but my first time TAing 332 so super excited! Beyond TAing, I'm a big sports fan and I love watching and playing soccer (FC Barcelona/Messi), tennis (RF all the way), and cricket. I also love reading and playing video games. Please feel free to drop by to chat about literally anything :)


Thien Tran she/her AB

Email: thienkt

Hey, my name is Thien! CSE 332 is one of my favorite courses at UW, so I hope you love it as much I as do. Some of my other favorite things: being a TA (duh), hiking, making Spotify playlists, immunology, guac, dogs, and ignoring my plants when I am away from my apartment! Looking forward to a great quarter with you all :)