Hannah C. Tang (she/her): hctang@cs
Course Instructor

Background: I've spent my entire life in the Seattle area. CSE 142 was the first time I programmed!

Conversation Starter: Ask me for "early days" stories from any of the companies I've worked for.

Aashna Sheth (she/her): aashnas@cs
Teaching Assistant, Section AC

Background: I've spent my entire life in the Seattle area and realized I liked CS after taking AP Comp Sci in high school!

Conversation Starter: Over quarantine I've been going on hikes, reading Harry Potter (for the first time :o), and watching a lot of TV! (Queen's Gambit, The Politician, The Office, etc). Outside of CS, my favorite kinds of classes to take are history / social science classes. I would be so excited to hear about interesting non-CS classes you all are taking!

Aayushi Modi (she/her): avmodi@cs
Teaching Assistant, Section AE

Background: I was born in California, but have lived in Sammamish, WA for most of my life. My first exposure to programming was through FIRST Robotics, which I got involved fwith in middle school and continued throughout high school after loving it so much! My passion for robotics led me to take IB Computer Science, which is when I decided I wanted to study CS in college.

Conversation Starter: I love to talk about anything and everything, but especially music (my favorites are Taylor Swift, Post Malone, and any Bollywood music), dance (I've been a dancer for 13 years and I'm on a team called UW Raas), and Marvel!

Frederick Huyan (he/him): fjh99@uw
Teaching Assistant, Section AA

Background: I was raised in Bothell, WA but born in Kansas. I was originally pre-med but decided I didn't have the willpower for med school and decided to pursue CS at the end of my sophomore year!

Conversation Starter: Ask me for my League username, favorite tennis players, recruiting advice, or anything else! :)

Hamsa Shankar: hamsas@cs
Teaching Assistant, Section AA

Background: I've been in the Greater Seattle area all my life. I grew up in Samammish and made the ambitious move across the street to Redmond a few years ago. My first programming class was at my small STEM-focused high school where I discovered my passion for CS.

Conversation Starter: I am taking a Bollywood movies class and a Broadway musicals class this quarter which I am very excited for so I'm always willing to chat about that. Over spring break I tried to learn some songs from musicals on the piano and also started painting more so feel free to ask me about that or anything else!

Khushi Chaudhari (she/her): khushic@cs
Teaching Assistant, Section AC

Background: I moved around a decent amount as a kid! The journey looks something like this: India->Texas->Washington->India->Washington where middle school was spent entirely in India and then high school and college in Washington. I've been interested in computer science since a young age, but I first started coding when I took AP Computer Science in sophomore year of high school. Since then, I've made websites, games, apps, and more!

Conversation Starter: I'm a black belt in karate and I love to rock climb (although haven't been able to do much of either recently). During quarantine, I’ve binge-watched a lot of tv (huge fan of Friends and Brooklyn 99). I’m currently watching Parks and Recreation and The Office (both for the first time!). I’ve also been reading a lot lately. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and currently am reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith.

Kris Wong (he/him): kwong272@cs
Teaching Assistant, Section AB

Background: I was born and raised in rural suburbia, so I had almost no exposure to CS before UW. The intro series hooked me, and that's why I'm here today!

Conversation Starter: If you have concerns about interviewing or hunting for internships in big or small companies, come talk to me! Please consider bringing with you any boba suggestions you have :)

Logan Milandin (he/him): mi1andin@cs
Teaching Assistant

Background: I was born and raised in Bothell (30 minutes north of Seattle), and I'm now a junior here at UW.

Conversation Starter: In high school I was a runner and competed in the 400m dash at the state meet, but now I like to stay in shape via a combination of running (slowly), hiking, swimming, and rock climbing.

Nachiket Karmarkar (he/him): nkarm@cs
Teaching Assistant, Section AB

Background: Hi! I'm a second-year student majoring in Computer Science and Economics. Currently, I am at home in Bellevue, WA (about 15 minutes away from UW), where I have lived all my life. This is my second quarter as a TA for CSE 332, and I have been a TA for CSE 143 for the three quarters before that. Aside from school, I enjoy playing tennis, biking, and watching sports. I'm super excited to work with you all this quarter!

Conversation Starter: Ask me about what movies/TV I've been watching recently! I'm also a big sports fan, so feel free to talk to me about that, especially if you want to know why I think the Pacers are a sneaky contender to make it out of the Eastern Conference :)!

Patrick Murphy (he/him): murphpat@cs
Teaching Assistant, Section AE

Background: I was raised in the Seattle area. I am an interest changing major (from Bio Engineering) and CSE 142 was the first bit of programming I ever did. previously I was a 14X TA, and some of you may know me from TAing 143 in the fall (I was the person who made the election simulator videos).

Conversation Starter: I define myself as a novice of many different hobbies. So feel free to ask me about my recent endeavors in cooking, running, waking up early, coding, or sleeping (this one I am especially bad at).

Richard Jiang (he/him): rjiang98@cs
Teaching Assistant, Section AD

Background: CSE 142 was my first ever programming class and 332 was the first CS course I really enjoyed. Fast forward and I've now TA'd this course 8 times and I still love it.

Conversation Starter: My newest pandemic hobby is Chess, willing to blitz anyone for extra credit (just kidding). Other than that I'm just waiting till I can go back to the rocking climbing gym.

Winston Jodjana
Teaching Assistant

Background: I grew up in Indonesia but came here 2 years ago after getting accepted into UW. I initially intended to do EE but after programming for the first time in CSE142, here I am now.

Conversation Starter: I have been spending the better part of my pandemic life stuck in Indonesia and have been playing some video games with a bunch of my high school friends. I've also been spending my quarantine days reading a bunch of manga and watching anime.