The entire course staff may be reached by Privately Posting on Ed or over email at cse332-staff. For sensitive personal questions (DRS, extenuating circumstances, etc.), please feel free to write to the instructor directly.

Robbie poses next to Dubs I, an Alaskan Malamute who was a very good boy.

Robbie Weber he/him instructor

Email: rtweber2

When I'm not teaching or doing an occasional project in CS theory research, I enjoy watching football, knitting, and knitting while watching football. My hope for this year is the pandemic improves enough that I'll be able to get a new picture with Dubs.

Louis is standing on a nature path paved by wood planks, and he has an arm raised up, as if pointing to the scenery.

Louis Maliyam he/him AA

Email: maliyp

Hi! I'm a fifth-year CS master's student from Thailand. I enjoy dancing, walking, and listening to music. This is my third time TAing for CSE 332, and I really look forward to your journey in this class. Feel free to come chat about anything; you'll always be supported by us!

Arthur stands in front of a field of red and yellow tulips.

Arthur Liu he/him AB

Email: artliu

Hi, I’m Arthur, and I’m excited to TA this quarter! Besides TA’ing, I love my silly dog, chocolate milk, the beach, and playing soccer. This last summer, I did my first triathlon. Hot recipe tip: guava juice + sparkling water. Thank me later.

Howard, in West Seattle, suffering to stand up due to the wind coming from Elliot Bay.

Howard Xiao they/:or/he AB

Email: thx

I am a senior and second-time CSE 332 TA! My two hometowns are Fremont, CA and Guangzhou, China. I like biking, baking banana bread, and sharing my Sound Transit hot takes. This quarter, I'm also a DJ assistant at KEXP. If you see me in the CSE labs, feel free to say hi or holler for homework help!

Nachiket stands in front of beige wall smiliing.

Nachiket Karmarkar he/him AC

Email: nkarm

Hi! My name is Nachiket, and I'm a senior majoring in Computer Science and Economics. This is my third quarter as a TA for CSE 332, and I was a TA for CSE 143 for the three quarters before that. Aside from school, I enjoy playing tennis, biking, and watching sports. I'm super excited to work with you all this quarter!

Aashna stands in front of a large body of moderately wavy water, which has a reflection of the sunset.

Aashna Sheth she/her AD

Email: aashnas

Hi everyone! I’m Aashna and I’m third-year student majoring in CS. Outside of CS, I like to go hiking, watch Netflix, and drink tea! Super excited for this quarter, especially now that campus is open. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Corinne leans against a cool glass window with stripes.

Corinne Herzog she/her AD

Email: herzoc

Hi, I'm Corinne! I'm a third year studying CS and minoring in Law, Societies, and Justice. In my free time I love musicals, hiking, watching tiktoks, and trying new restaurants on the ave! Excited to meet all of you :)

Allen stands in front of a row of dark green trees. It seems to be close to sundown.

Allen Aby he/him AE

Email: abyall19

Hey everyone, I'm Allen and I'll be one of your TAs this quarter. I'm a third year CS student and Math minor from Issaquah, WA. My hobbies include running, lifting, and playing the guitar. CSE 332 is one of the best courses I've taken in the department so I'm looking forward to a fun quarter with you guys. Always feel free to reach out with any questions!

Sashu stands in front of a campus building.

Sashu Shankar she/her AE

Email: sashws

Hi guys I’m currently a junior and CSE 332 has been my favorite class at UW so I’m super excited to finally be on campus again!!! Aside from school, I’m on an Indian classical dance team, UW Natya. I love listening to all kinds of music so definitely hit me up with any song recs. Super excited for an incredible in person quarter :)

Winston sits on a fence.

Winston Jodjana he/him infra

Email: winj

I grew up in Indonesia but came here for UW. This picture was actually taken at a volcano in Indonesia and I'm pretty sure I was inhaling sulfur😓. I initially intended to do EE but after enjoying 142/3, here I am now. I've been TAing this course since last summer and mainly work on the infrastructure of the course. Aside from school, my biggest hobby is playing video games. Recently, I've been playing a lot of FFXIV (can't wait for EW), B4B, and theorycrafting Genshin (dry as usual).

        Cartoon drawing of a pine tree that's wearing a hat depicting a binary tree node.

Pine 332 it/its bot

Email: cse332-bots

I'm a tree that can send out partner assignments!