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Handout Description
Setting Up Your CSE 332 Environment Setting Java, Git, and IntelliJ, along with a brief introduction to Git.
Submitting Using GitLab Using Gradescope to submit programming assignments.
Debugging in CSE 332 Debugging "non-strategies", tools, strategies, and common faq.
Generics in CSE 332 Details nuanced mechanics with Java generics required for the projects.
Partners in CSE 332 Why we have partner projects, how to sign up for partners, and pair programming.
Groups Tips for Working Successfully in a Group.
Timing vs. Counting Operations How to time your data structures for the handout
Writeup Experiments Use this for your experiments in the project Writeups
Useful Math Identities Some useful math identities including summations and log identities
Pseudocode Some advice on writing pseudocode instead of Java code for the exercises.