[8-23-19] Final exam blanks and answer keys are now posted on the final topics page. Expect exam grades on Gradescope in the next few days. Overall class grades will be compiled on Canvas as we complete individual parts. Thank you all for a great quarter!

[7-22-19] The page for the midterm now has solutions.

General information

Rob Thompson
Office: CSE2 311
OH: 11am-12pm MWF

Teaching Assistants
Siddharth Iyer
OH: 4pm-5pm Tu CSE 021
Siva Ramamoorthy
OH: 1pm-2pm Th CSE 4th Floor Breakout
Alon Milchgrub
OH: 12pm-1pm Th CSE 674

Getting Help
Lectures are MWF 9:40-10:40 in SIG 136. There are three quiz sections, all on Thursdays

Lectures will be recorded on Panopto.

Your first stop for most questions should be Piazza. If you cannot ask your question without posting code, you can ask a private question, but detailed debugging questions are best handled at office hours. For individual non-technical questions, you can post a private question on Piazza (where the whole staff will see it) or send an email to Rob. In cases where you need to report something entirely anonymously to either the course staff or department administrators please use this link.

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java 3rd Ed., Mark Allen Weiss, Addison Wesley: 2011, ISBN: 0132576279. Errata is here. Code from the book is here. (We will also try to support the 2nd edition: Addison Wesley: 2007, ISBN: 0-321-37013-9, Errata for 2nd edition is here. Code for the 2nd edition is here.) The textbook is also available for 4 hour loan at the Engineering library.