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Written Homework Guidelines

For our written homework assignments, typed assignments are preferred. Handwritten will be accepted, but note that if the TA has a hard time reading your work, the TA will also have a hard time giving you a good grade. Writeups for programming projects must be turned in electronically, which means those must be typed anyway.

Some problems on the written assignments ask you to give an algorithm to solve a problem. Unless the assignment specifically tells you to implement the code and run it, pseudocode is acceptable. Pseudocode means that you don't have to write every line in Java with correct syntax; English explanations of operations are acceptable. Note that the general rule you should follow is that you can substitute English for any O(1) operation, but not for more complex steps. Thus, the following would not be acceptable:

  scan the list and count all elements greater than x

while the following would be OK

  while list has more elements
     increment counter if current element is greater than x
     move to next element of list

The idea is that you don't have to give all the nitty-gritty coding details (that's what the programming assignments are for), but you should demonstrate a clear understanding of what your algorithm does and where those nitty-gritty details would have to go. When in doubt, be more precise. For this class it is also acceptable to submit Java code when pseudo code is requested.

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