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    The class mailing list is cse332a_au11{at} . Students should be automatically subscribed to the class mailing list within 24 hours of registration. Initial subscriptions are all via your @uw accounts. Mailman will not distribute your messages to the list unless you send them from your @uw email address or another subscription address (see below).

If your @uw account is not the email account you normally use, to prevent indefinite delays receiving or posting messages, you should modify your subscription address and other options as follows. First, click here, then:

  • If you have a UW NetID (@uw email address), click the "Log In" button in the big red "UW Community box," enter your login credentials, then (somewhat unintuitively), click the "Unsubscribe or edit options" button near the bottom of the page. Then enter your desired email address, etc. Changes take effect instantly.
  • If you do not have a UW NetID, follow the directions in the beige box "For persons outside the UW". The list administrator has to manually approve these changes, so there will be a delay.
General information about the email system is here.

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