CSE 332 Autumn 2011
Lecture Topics

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In reading assignments below, MW refers to the Mark Weiss textbook and DG refers to the Dan Grossman notes.

September 28 Abstract data types; worst case running time
MW 1.1-1.2, 2.1-2.4.2
September 30 Big O, big Omega, big Theta; rules of sum and product for big O
October 3 Dictionary ADT
MW 4.1-4.3
October 5 Quicksort implemented recursively and using a stack
MW 3.6
Quicksort handout
October 7 Dictionary implementations by unsorted and sorted arrays and linked lists; review of binary search trees
October 10 AVL trees
MW 4.4
October 12 AVL trees: height, rotations
October 14 AVL trees: insert, remove
October 17 AVL analyses; splay trees
MW 4.5
October 19 Splay trees
October 21 Hashing: separate chaining
MW 5.1-5.3
October 24 Hashing: open addressing, rehashing
MW 5.4-5.5
October 26 Universal classes of hash functions; mergesort
MW 7.6
Universal classes of hash functions
October 28 Mergesort analysis
October 31 Graphs; topological sort
MW 9.1-9.2
November 2 Topological sort analysis; breadth-first search
MW 9.3
November 7 Breadth-First search
November 9 Introduction to parallelism
DG 2-3
November 14 Divide and conquer parallelism
November 16 ForkJoin Framework; reductions and maps
DG 4
November 18 Analyzing fork-join algorithms; prefix sum problem
DG 5
November 21 Parallel prefix, pack, quicksort
November 23 Mutual exclusion and locks
DG 6
November 28 Priority queues, heaps, insert
MW 6.1-6.3
November 30 deleteMin, buildHeap, heapsort
MW 7.5
December 2 Dijkstra's algorithm for least cost paths
MW 9.3
December 5 Dijkstra's algorithm: implementation and analysis
December 7 Minimum spanning trees, Kruskal's algorithm, union/find
MW 8.1-8.5, 9.5.2
December 9 Kruskal's algorithm: implementation and analysis