Class and Method Specifications
Writing Rep Invariants and Abstraction Functions
A Guide to Testing
How to Debug

Java Q&A
React Tips & Tricks

Project Software Setup
Editing, Compiling, Running, and Testing Java Programs
Version Control (Git) Reference
Assignment Submission

CSE 331 Infrastructure Videos
All project help info (8 videos)
Project software setup (direct links - creating SSH keys and IntelliJ git clone)
Project submission and repo management (direct links - repo clone, commit, tagging, etc.)

Other Resources
Official Java 11 API documentation
Google Java style guide
openjdk download (get latest Java 11 with HotSpot JVM and select all options in install dialog; openjdk 12 or 13 should also be fine if you already have it)
IntelliJ download (get the Ultimate version); link to free student license for Ultimate version
JUnit (we're using JUnit 4)
GIT website & download (download if you don't have git already), GIT book
CSE GitLab