CSE 331 Winter 2013
Hw Topics

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January 7 hw0 out
January 9 hw0 due (loop)
hw1 out
January 15 hw1 due (code reasoning)
January 16 hw2 out
January 18 hw3 out
January 21 section exercise (hw2.5) due SUNDAY night, 1/20, 11 pm
January 22 hw2 due (loop development)
January 24 hw4 out
hw3 due (setup, Java refresher)
January 31 hw4 due (implementation and testing)
February 1 hw5 out
hw6 out
February 11 hw5 due (graph ADT)
February 18 hw6 due (social graph)
February 20 hw7 out
February 26 hw8 out
hw7 due (generics, Dijkstra's)
March 5 hw8 due (campus paths)
March 6 hw9 out
March 13 hw9 due (GUI)