Lab/Office Hours Schedule

Beginning Mon April 4, the TAs and Marty will be available to help you with homework questions. TAs will hold their hours in the CSE 002 basement lab at the following times each week. Marty's hours are held in his office, CSE 636.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:30 am
11:30 Allison Staci Staci
12:00 pm Allison Staci Staci
12:30 Allison Staci Staci Andrew
1:00 Andrew
1:30 Marty (CSE 636) Michael Andrew
2:00 Marty (CSE 636) Marty (CSE 636) Michael Andrew
2:30 Allison Marty (CSE 636) Michael
3:00 Allison Marty (CSE 636); Michael (CSE 002)
3:30 Michael
4:00 Michael

If you're in the lab right now and the scheduled TA isn't there, please email the instructor(s).