(If you want to try to exactly match the provided sample solution, put the provided Scanner in your project. This Scanner is a re-implementation of Java's Scanner but with "input echoing." This makes it so that you can see the user input even if you redirect I/O to/from a file. If you use Java's Scanner and redirect input in from a file, it won't actually show you what the user typed, so your output looks screwy when you capture it to a file. But my Scanner does echo if you tell it to, fixing this issue.

To use this, add this Scanner.java to your Eclipse project. Make sure that your RestaurantTextUI imports java.util.*; rather than manually importing java.util.Scanner individually; if you do the latter, your code will use Java's Scanner and not mine. Then recompile your project and go to the terminal. To make the input echo, you have to pass a debug flag to the Java VM named scanner.echo and set it to 1. So you do something like this:

java -Dscanner.echo=1 RestaurantMain < input1.txt > myoutput1.txt

Then you can compare your output to mine:

diff output1.txt myoutput1.txt