CSE 326: Some Unix help

For projects, we will be using the Unix instructional machines sanjuan & orcas, both new Digital Alpha workstations, and wolf, grizzly, & lynx, old DEC MIPS machines that will be retiring after this quarter. You'll access thes machines using the X-terminals in 329. To do the projects, you will at least need to know the minimum set of commands necessary to be able to edit, compile, run, and probably debug your programs. However, later advanced CS courses will very likely be using Unix, so it will be good to get comfortable using the system.

The good news (depending on your attitude) is that you will need to know little Unix to complete this course. The bad news is that familiarizing yourself with Unix will be mostly your responsibility. No lecture or tutorial can be comprehensive, and is not as effective as trying things on your own. Because of this, I've tried to compile some resources for your reference. There's probably much more on the web if you look hard enough. Of course, the best way to learn is to ask someone (classmates, TAs, etc.) who knows.

Unix help

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