CSE 326: Data Structures
Autumn 2004
Program Turnin Instructions

Programming assignments will be turned in by sending electronic mail to the TA.


When your program is ready, create a file called README including everything you want to let the grader know before marking, including your name, student ID, compilation instructions, any special notes, algorithm descriptions not already included in your program documentation, etc.

Documentation and style

Be sure that your program is well documented and that you have used a programming style that makes your program easy to understand. You will be graded not only on correctness and completeness of your program, but also on programming style. Take a good look at your program before turning it in: if you cannot imagine how a grader could read and understand 30 varied programs that look like yours, then yours is not ready to be read and needs cleaning up.


When your program is ready to be turned in, use WinZip to package all your source files, README file, and any test inputs and outputs if they were specified in the homework assignment. Send the resulting zipped file as an attachment to the TA at yuhancai@cs.washington.edu . Unless otherwise specified, you do not need to turn in a hard copy. Note that mail from nondepartmental machines going through the UW email service will have any .zip attachment removed, for security reasons, so you need to send the mail from your .cs account.

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