CSE 326: Data Structures
Autumn 2004
Course Information

Contact information:

  Name Electronic address Phone Office Office Hour
Instructor Martin Tompa tompa@cs.washington.edu 206-543-9263 CSE 538 Fridays 12:30-1:30
TA Yuhan Cai
yuhancai@cs.washington.edu CSE 218 Tuesdays 9:30-10:20

Textbook: Harry R. Lewis and Larry Denenberg, Data Structures & Their Algorithms, HarperCollins, 1991.

Syllabus: We will cover much of the material from Chapters 1-4 and 6-9. Read pages 1-25 for next lecture.

Grading: The course grade will be based on homework (50%), a midterm exam (20%), and a final exam (30%). Percentages are approximate.

Computer Lab: See http://www.cs.washington.edu/lab/about/ugrad-computing.html. Both C++ and Java are available on both Unix and Windows.

Course Web: All handouts and a log of all mail sent to the class mailing list will also be available on the course web at the following URL: http://www.cs.washington.edu/education/courses/326/CurrentQtr/

Mailing List: The class mailing list is cse326@cs.washington.edu. Instructions for subscribing to the class mailing list can be found on the course web. We will use this list for announcements of general interest to the class. Students should also feel free to use it to ask questions, post information (though of course not hints of homework solutions), or initiate discussions of general interest to the class. Questions or comments that are not of general interest should instead be directed to a TA or instructor at the addresses above.

Special Accommodations: If you would like to request academic accommodations due to a disability, please contact Disabled Student Services, 448 Schmitz, 543-8924 (V/TDD). If you already have a letter from Disabled Student Services indicating you have a disability that requires academic accommodations, please let the instructor know so we can discuss the appropriate accommodations.

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