Electronic Turnin Instructions

To turn in your files electronically, you will need to:


Submit only the Java/C++ source files, unless specified otherwise in the homework. For example, do not submit .class or a.out files.
Also submit a makefile if your submission is in C++.

Only one person should submit on behalf of a team, for team projects.

Make sure your program compiles and runs on a CSE instructional machine (like fiji). While you are encouraged to develop and run your programs on your desktop machine (e.g., under Eclipse), you must ensure that they compile and run on an instructional Unix machine, before turning them in.

Important: only your last turnin is kept on the server. You may resubmit a newer version of your homework (use the same turnin command), in which case the previous version will be lost. Resubmitting after the homework deadline is, therefore, unwise, since it will not be graded, while your timely submission (which you supposedly had made earlier) will no longer be available to us.

If you are instructed to submit hard copies in class, these must be the printouts of your latest electronic turnin. Use the following command to produce a double-column, double-sided printout:

	enscript -2r -p - File1.java File2.java | lpr -Zduplex -Pps232
(substitute your files for File1.java File2.java and the correct printer for ps232).

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