Homework 1
Sound Blaster!
Due Monday June 30st, by 11PM

Basic steps for getting started with Homework #1

  1. Go to Sieg 232 or Sieg 329 and find a free PC.
  2. Log on to one of the island servers (tahiti, sumatra, etc.).
  3. Learn how to navigate in Unix and use basic unix functions (cd, mkdir, cp, rm, man, info, etc.).
  4. Choose a text editor (vim, pico, emacs, etc.).
  5. Write a HelloWorld.java program. This is just for your benefit, you do not have to turn this in.
  6. Compile and run the program you wrote:
       javac HelloWorld.java
       java -classpath . HelloWorld
Some introductory information about UNIX and C++ and Java can be found on this page. Once you've accomplished these basic steps, you're ready to continue with Homework #1.