Electronic Submission Instructions

The best way to submit files electronically is to submit a directory containing all your project files. You must do this from a linux instructional machine.

  1. Prepare the directory for submission:
    • Remove any unused or extraneous files (remove any output files you have lying around and any core dumps, but leave any sample input files in the directory).
    • Build your program using make.
    • It is a really good idea to include a README file describing any unusual things you have done.

  2. Submit the directory using the turnin script:

    If your current directory contains the directory "myprojectdir" with the files you want to submit, then you would type:

    turnin -c cse326 -p projectname myprojectdir

    Obviously, you must modify the above command to reflect the current project name and your directory name. The argument following the -c flag indicates the course and section. The argument following the -p flag indicates the project number or code. The last argument is the directory name. There is a man page for turnin on the instructional machines if you would like to learn about all the options, but it shouldn't be necessary.

    You should receive a message like "Your files have been submitted to cse326, projectname for grading". That's it. If you submit more than once, your latest submission will overwrite the prior submission.