Your answers to these questions will help us set the pace of the course.

1.  Did you use Java in 142 or 143?

2.  Do you have other Java programming experience?

3.  Do you have Unix programming experience?

4.  Do you used "big-O" notation, e.g. O(n2) ?

5.  Have you solved recursive equations, e.g. f(n) = 2*f(n-1) + c  ?

6.  Do you have experience simplifying formulas using logs, e.g. log(a/b2) ?

7.  Which, if any, of the following data structures have you implemented before?  Place a check next to each.

  1. linked lists
  2. sparse arrays
  3. self-adjusting arrays
  4. binary search trees
  5. self-balancing search trees
  6. heaps or priority queues
  7. hash tables

8.  Which, if any, of the following algorithms have you implemented before?

  1. bubble sort
  2. quicksort
  3. depth-first search
  4. breadth-first search