CSE 312 Winter 2020
Section Topics

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January 9 Counting
Worksheet, Answers
January 16 Counting, intro to probability
Worksheet, Answers
January 23 Conditional probability
Worksheet, Answers
January 30 Random variables
Random variable review, Worksheet, Answers
February 6 Linearity of expectation, midterm review
Midterm advice, Worksheet, Answers, Practice Midterm 1, Answers, Practice Midterm 2, Answers
February 13 Variance; Poisson random variables
Worksheet, Answers
February 20 Continuous random variables
Worksheet, Answers
February 27 Central limit theorem
Worksheet, Answers, Detailed CLT solution, CLT summary
March 5 Maximum likelihood estimators
Worksheet, Answers
March 12 Final exam materials, just for interest
Final advice, Worksheet, Answers