This quarter, we have several optional textbooks. You do not have to buy any of them, and we, in fact, recommend that you not buy or use all of them.

  • Bertsekas and Tsitsiklis. Introduction to Probability. ISBN 9781886529236
    This textbook might be helpful if the explanations in the slides are not enough. You can find the book online for free here.

  • Rosen. Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications. ISBN 0072899050
    This textbook might be helpful for the first six weeks of the course. It does not have the content for the second half of the course. If you do decide to buy this textbook, we strongly recommend that you buy an old edition. None of the homework problems will come from the textbook, and the content is much the same from edition to edition.

Books on Reserve at the Library

A small number of copies of our textbook may be available from the Engineering library or the Odegaard library on campus. You might be able to check them out for short periods to work on problems, but this may not be a reliable strategy long-term as your only access to a textbook. See this link.