The final exam will start on Friday, March 12 at 11:59 PM and is due Thursday, March 18 11:59 PM.

The same logistics apply as for the midterm below, although the amount of time available to complete the exam will be longer.




The midterm will start on Tuesday, February 16 12:00 AM, and will be due on Thursday 11:59 PM. You have 72 hours for the exam (all day: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Seattle time).

We’ll release a pdf on the webpage at the start time and use gradescope to collect submissions.

We are aiming for an exam that can be done in roughly 2 hours, if you study beforehand! You may work longer if you wish. Wednesday’s lecture will be cancelled – you have that hour to start working if you’d like.

You cannot use late days on the midterm or final – if you have an extenuating circumstance that makes it difficult to finish in the normal amount of time let Jamie know as soon as possible.

If you have DRS accommodations, DRS has told Jamie that “usually” take home exams don’t fall into the extra time accommodations. If you feel that you should have some accommodation for this exam (and jamie hasn’t already talked to you) please send Jamie an email as soon as possible, so we can communicate with DRS.


The slide decks through lecture 16 will be directly useful for studying (though slide deck 16 doesn’t introduce new material, the practice in there may be useful).


Unlike on the homeworks, you may work with at most 3 other people. Your set of collaborators must be the group you’ve been assigned to on Canvas. If we have any evidence that you have collaborated with anyone outside of your group on the exam, this will result in an immediate score of 0 on the exam.

Otherwise, the standard rules are in effect (list your collaborators, do writeups individually, etc.)


During the exam, we’ll only answer “clarifying questions” (think questions we’d answer if it were an in-person exam).

Ed questions will be similar. We’ll ask that all Ed questions be private (in case you accidentally mention something about your approach); if there are common questions, we’ll post clarifications in a pinned post there.

You may refer to content from this class while you take the exam, but you are not to use other textbooks, course content, websites, or other material not dir ectly referred to by this course as you take the exam.

Here is an old 311 midterm and its solution. Remember that we have a take-home exam, so there will be differences in the type of question we ask.

Here are some additional practice questions and their solutions. For even more practice questions from ten years ago, here are questions from 10au and their solutions, but not everything might be relevant.