A list of problem sets will appear here as they are assigned:

HW2 (template)04/0704/14
HW3 (template)04/1404/21
HW4 (template)04/2104/28
HW5 (template)04/2805/05
HW6 (template)05/0505/12
HW7 (template)05/1205/19
HW8 (template)05/1905/26
problem set


Submit your work on Gradescope after completion. Be sure to assign pages!

LaTeX Templates



You are not required to typeset your homework solutions; however, it is an easy way to improve the legibility of your documents. Many Allen School students learned to typeset in this course.

\(\LaTeX\) is the standard tool for typesetting mathematical materials. While it takes some time to learn, it will likely pay for itself in the long run. You can even use \(\LaTeX\) in places like Ed and Facebook Messenger!

These resources may be helpful for you to get started with \(\LaTeX\), with thanks to Adam Blank:

If you have a CSE email address, you can also claim a free Overleaf Professional account. Overleaf is an online editor that spares you from having to install \(\LaTeX\) locally.


Inference Rules

Symbolic Proofs

Symbolic proofs are part of the “training wheels phase” of proof writing. Follow these rules when you write your first symbolic proofs:

Homework in General

We evaluate your work using these guiding principles:

You can submit a regrade request on individual problems after we release feedback. Regrades will be open for a week.

We will not debate the amount of points deducted for mistakes. Those are entirely at the discretion of the course staff.