CSE 311 (Winter 2020): Homework Submission Guidelines

You must use Gradescope to upload your solutions to Homework problems. Note that the regular problems and extra-credit problems involve two separate submissions. You can typeset your solutions on a computer (Word/Latex are popular options but there is no requirement to use either) or you can write it down and take a picture of it.

To submit in Gradescope you will need to mark where each question appears in your submission. You are responsible for making sure that these are properly marked and that your solutions are readable. Typesetting may make the latter easier. (There will be overall deductions on an assignment if the questions are not properly marked or the solutions are not clearly legible.)

You must submit your solution as a pdf file. Note that most editors have the options to save as pdf.

If for any reason you cannot access Gradescope, please send an email to the cse311-staff mailing list, and we will work it out with you.