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Welcome to CSE 311 (Spring 2011)

Aram Harrow (Instructor)


Jason Ganzhorn and Priya Chagaleti (TAs)

MWF 1:30-2:20 in EEB 037

This class will teach you how to think logically, or at least how to think like a computer. We will explore logic, set theory, induction, algebraic structures, emphasizing applications to computation. One major theme will be models, and limitations, of computation. The emphasis will be on proofs and rigor: you will learn how to prove things rigorously, and why this is a good idea.
(Catalog Description. Prerequisites: CSE 143; either MATH 126 or MATH 136. Credits: 4).

These web pages will be updated throughout the quarter. Announcements will be posted to the class mailing list: cse311a_sp11@u.washi... (enrolled students are automatically subscribed to this list). To access all messages, click Mailing List Archive.

Announcements will be posted in the space below.

  • Final exam from 2:30-4:20pm on Monday, June 6 in Bagley Hall, Room 131.

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