CSE 303: Concepts and Tools for Software Development

Winter 2006

Resources for February 24: "Future/purpose of computer science (education)"

Just a few recent links your intructor happens to know about related issues:

Short interview about a bright future for computer science: link

Articles at cio.com about U.S. jobs in computer science and relation to university education, December 2005: Klawe   Koch's disagreement

The ACM Job Migration Task Force report, Globalization and Offshoring of Software.

ACM's professional code of ethics ("our responsiblities"?): link

Disclaimer: CSE303 discusses the societal implications of computing. Doing so inherently requires discussing political topics, which requires bringing up and linking to opinions. We are expressly not interested in promoting any particular viewpoint. The links on this page are probably to accurate information, but the course staff is not necessarily better trained to make that judgment than anybody else.