This is me snowshoeing a couple months ago about an hour outside Seattle.

This is a terrible old picture of me with a bad haircut playing a sport I do not know how to play.

On August 1, 1997 I finished hiking the 2,160-mile Appalachian Trail. This is me at the point the trail ends. I had not shaved in 77 days (the whole hike took me 153 days).

This is an awful picture from New Year's this year. But all the good pictures of me have other people in them.

The mugshot from my webpage -- a couple years old, but good enough for people to find me in a crowd.

A classic family photo from the very early 80s. I'm in the tie; my sister is in the skirt.

My parents' dog enjoying Halloween 2005 in a very large motor home.

Me touching the Stanley Cup, the most famous trophy in all of North American sport. The other guy is a professional hockey player. I stood in line for over an hour for this.