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Brave New World

The Scientific, Economic and Social Impact of Computer Science
Autumn 2013

Important Announcements

General Information


Anna R. Karlin (karlin@cs)
Office: CSE 594, Ph: 543-9344
Office Hours: Wednesdays 2:30–3pm or by appointment, in CSE 594


Zorah Fung
(zorahf@uw.edu) Office Hours: Tuesdays 4:20 –5pm, in CSE 203, or by appointment.

Olga Zamaraeva
(olzama@uw.edu) Office Hours: Thursdays 4:20 –5pm, in CSE 203, or by appointment.


If needed, we will be using the College of Arts & Sciences Instructional Computing Lab in the basement of the Communications building for our computing.

The Instructional Computing Lab is reserved exclusively for us on:

Many thanks to Sanjeev Arora (for the use of the wonderful materials he developed for his course entitled The Computational Universe at Princeton University) and to Helene Martin (for the use of the wonderful Processing and other materials she developed for her introductory courses). Many thanks also to Bernard Chazelle, Ed Lazowska and Larry Snyder for materials and inspiration.