NOTE: This old web site is out of date. This is the course web site from a past quarter, 23sp (Spring 2023). If you are a current student taking the course, this is not your class web site, and you should visit the current class web site instead.


General information

CSE190W is a support course designed to provide academic support for students enrolled in the Allen School Startup program. All students concurrently enrolled in CSE 121 (Autumn), CSE 122 (Winter), and CSE 123 (Spring) will attend an 80 minute session will be used reinforce concepts learned in those courses through additional lectures, active and collaborative problem solving sessions. In addition, students will complete twice weekly pre-work to reinforce skills learned in the introductory CS class, weekly assessments, as well as engage in a weekly 1-on-1 Check-in meeting with a TA to evaluate student progress and clarify misconceptions.

This course is NOT a place to receive help on CSE 12x programming assignment. Rather students will gain extra practice with the core concepts that will allow them to synthesize the material on their CSE 12x assignments independently.

Course Staff


Lauren Bricker photo

Lauren Bricker (she/her)
OH:Tues 4-5 pm
CSE 552
or by appointment

Rachel Sobel photo

Rachel Sobel (she/her/hers)
OH: Tues 12-2pm
CSE 220
or by appointment


Ming Do

Ming Do (he/him)

Evelyn Heckman

Evelyn Heckman (she/her)

Joseph Jang

Joseph Jang (he/him)

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan (she/her)

Joshua Yoo

Joshua Yoo (he/him)

Getting Help

Your first stop for most questions should be our Ed Discussion board, but do not post any part of your homework solutions there (do NOT post all or part of a solution to an assignment, even to ask what is wrong with it. This includes an highly detailed descriptions of your solution to an assignment.) Detailed debugging is best handled in office hours or during check ins.

For questions involving personal matters send email to CSE 190W staff or the instructor. You may also send Anonymous Feedback at any time, but understand we can not respond to you directly if you do. Responses, if possible, will be broadcast to the class as a whole or systematic changes to the class when necessary.