[an error occurred while processing this directive] CSE 190 M, Summer 2012

Instructor: Roy McElmurry IV (roy) - see Staff/TAs page for office hours


  • [8/15] Final Lecture Room Change our last lecture will be in EEB 125 on Friday at 1:10 like usual.
  • [8/10] Final Project released! Check out the final section of the web site.
  • [8/1] HW 7 (Fifteen Puzzle): is out!
  • [7/27] Extra Session: Today Roy will talk about the issues that make web development in IE a pain and how you can design a web page that work well and looks good in all browsers.
  • [7/25] HW 6 (ASCIImation): is out!
  • [7/20] Final Project: There will be one!
  • [7/20] Extra Session: We'll be talking about how to run your own MySQL server and use it to create a 2ch-like forum.
  • [7/13] Extra Session: We'll be talking about using PHP to make Web proxies, crawlers and search engines. Prepare to have your mind blown!
  • [7/12] HW 4 (NerdLuv): went out yesterday.
  • [7/12] jQuery textbook: in a week and a half or so, we will be covering a javascript library called jQuery. This library is not covered in your textbook, if you wish to have a hard reference, I recommend the jQuery Pocket Reference.
  • [7/5] Extra Session: We will have one this Friday about the HTML5 forms.
  • [7/5] HW 3 (Movie Review Part 2): is up!
  • [6/30] HW Late Turnin: I have extended the late turnin deadline for the assignments to Monday at 6:30 PM. This will allow you to come get help at my office hours if you wish before you have to turn the asignment in.
  • [6/29] Extra Session: Sean gave a great extra session about web design, the other side of building a webpage. Check it out right after the lecture in today's screencast.
  • [6/22] Extra Session right after lecture in the same room. Stay to see Shiny present to you some spiffy html5 audio/video tags as well as Google web fonts.
  • [6/20] HW 1 (Recipe) is up!
  • [6/19] Room Change, our lectures will now be in SIG 134 for the rest of the quarter.
  • [6/18] Course website ready
  • [6/11] Course website in progress The course website and materials are being created. Another announcement will let you know when the website is stable and ready for you to use.
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