TA Lab Schedule

Beginning Monday, April 4, TAs will be available to help you with homework questions in the Introductory Programming Lab (IPL) in Mary Gates Hall rooms 334 and 342, at the following times each week. The IPL is sometimes open at other hours when a 190M TA is not there, because the lab is shared by 142/143 students as well. These times are indicated in white. You can still go to the IPL to work at such times, but no 190M TA will be available to help you. The IPL is closed during all other hours (indicated in gray below). If you need a place to work on homework during other hours, consider going to the Odegaard library or another on-campus lab.

The times marked with * are times that Marty also holds office hours in his office, CSE 636.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:30 am
11:30 Eli Eli, Eric Tanner
12:00 pm Eli Eli, Eric Tanner
12:30 - 190M LECTURE - Rishi - 190M LECTURE - Alex - 190M LECTURE -
1:00 - 190M LECTURE - Rishi - 190M LECTURE - Alex - 190M LECTURE -
1:30 Trent * Craig Steve, Emma Alex Tanner
2:00 Trent * Craig * Steve, Emma Alex Tanner
2:30 Trent Craig * Steve, Emma Jared
3:00 Trent Craig, Morgan * Steve, Emma Jared
3:30 Erik Morgan Justin, Erik Jared
4:00 Erik Morgan Justin, Erik Jared, Rishi
4:30 - 190M STAFF MEETING - Morgan Justin, Eric Rishi
5:00 - 190M STAFF MEETING - Anirudh Justin, Eric Anirudh
5:30 - 190M STAFF MEETING - Anirudh Justin Anirudh

If you're in the IPL right now and the scheduled TA isn't there, please email the instructor(s).

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