CSE 190 M Homework Turnin

First Middle Last
UW NetID: @u.washington.edu
Student ID Number: (7 digits)
Discussion Section:
Tab Size Setting: (how many characters wide is a tab in your editor? TextPad's default is 4; jGRASP's default is 3)

File(s) to Turn In

Tab Setting: todolist.html
Tab Setting: todolist.css
Tab Setting: todolist.js
Tab Setting: todolist.php

Your file name(s) must match the ones above exactly, including capitalization.

Survey (Optional)

Where did you work? Mary Gates Hall Introductory Programming Lab (IPL)
Odegaard Library
Elsewhere on campus
Operating System: If "Other", specify:
Editor: If "Other", specify:

When you submit the program, you should see a "Turnin Receipt" page that tells you whether we received your files and whether they compiled successfully. If you do not see this page, we did not receive your files, so try again or contact the instructor/TA.

Please read the receipt page carefully after submitting. If your program has any compiler errors, you will see a red failure message after you submit it. You should fix the errors and submit your program again. You can submit as many times as you like; the last one submitted will be graded.

When you submit the program, another window will also pop up asking you to take our our optional diff Homework Survey. (You can just close the survey popup window if you don't want to take the survey.)