Intro to DOM and Timers

CSE 190 M (Web Programming) Spring 2008

University of Washington

Reading: Chapter 3 sections 3.2 - 3.3

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Lecture Outline

Introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM)

Used to manipulate XHTML page elements in your JS code

Basic idea

What is the DOM?


Accessing elements: The $ function

<span id="sale">Blowout sale!</span>
<button onclick="makeRed();">Make Text Red</button>
function makeRed() {
	$("sale").style.color = "red";
Blowout sale!

More about the $ function

function $(id) {
	return document.getElementById(id);

Manipulating DOM objects

<input id="username" type="text" size="12" />
<button onclick="capitalize();">Capitalize It!</button>
function capitalize() {
	$("username").value = $("username").value.toUpperCase();

More DOM object properties

<div id="main" class="foo bar">
	<p>Hello, <em>very</em> happy to see you!</p>

DOM style property

<button id="clickme" onclick="enlarge();">
Make me big!</button>
function enlarge() {
	$("clickme").style.fontSize = "42pt";

Common DOM styling errors

JavaScript timers and animation

Repeatedly executing an event handler at timed intervals

Timer concepts


Timer functions

setTimeout example

function delayMsg() {
	setTimeout(booyah, 5000);
function booyah() {   // called when the timer goes off
<button onclick="delayMsg();">Click me!</button>

setInterval example

function repeatedMessage() {
	setInterval(rudyRudy, 1000);
function rudyRudy() {
<button onclick="repeatedMessage();">Click me!</button>

Clearing a timer

var timer;
function repeatedMessage() {
	timer = setInterval(rudyRudy, 1000);
function rudyRudy() {
function cancel() {
<button onclick="repeatedMessage();">Rudy chant</button>
<button onclick="cancel();">Make it stop!</button>

Passing parameters to timers

function delayedMultiply() {
	// 6 and 7 are passed to multiply when timer goes off
	var myTimer = setTimeout(multiply, 2000, 6, 7);
function multiply(a, b) {
	alert(a * b);
<button onclick="delayedMultiply();">Click me</button>

Common timer errors

Alternate timer syntax, as a String

function delayedMultiply() {
	var myTimer = setTimeout("multiply(6 * 7);", 2000);
function multiply(a, b) {
	alert(a * b);
<button onclick="delayedMultiply();">Click me!</button>