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U.K. Fans Needed for the Audience for Elijah Wood Interview

posted April 3rd, 2008 by Altaira

Ian Smith writes in: "Elijah Wood is on the Friday Night Project soon and they're recording the show on Thursday, April 10th. They're looking for fans for the audience. To quote the researcher who contacted me they're "looking for people who are big fans of The Lord of the Rings, especially the films Elijah starred in." In particular people who've gone to conventions. When I spoke to the researcher he said they WEREN'T looking for people in costume (although that's fine if that's your thing) but he was particularly hoping to find someone with a tattoo or someone who could speak Elvish to actually appear on the program, perhaps in a "fan questions for Elijah" section. Anyway if interested you can contact the researcher here: Lucky U.K. Fans!!

Guillermo Del Toro Talks 'The Hobbit'...Again

posted April 2nd, 2008 by xoanon

From While interviewing writer-director Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth) about his upcoming summer sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army, chatted him up about his involvement with The Hobbit. While no deal has been set - "We're still in these protracted negotiations," Del Toro says - the fantasy fiend did offer a few promising hints.

Top 4 LotR Characters:

  1. Gandalf the Wizard
  2. Hobbits:
    1. Bilbo Baggins
    2. Frodo Baggins
  3. Gollum from LOTR