CSE 190 M Homework Turnin Page (help)

Personal Information

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UW NetID: @u.washington.edu
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File(s) to Turn In (help)

Tab Setting: nerdluv.php
Tab Setting: nerdluv.css
Tab Setting: results.php
Tab Setting: nerdluv.js (optional, for CSE majors)
Tab Setting: common.php (optional, for people who use include)

Your file names must match the names above.

Survey (Optional)

Where did you work? Mary Gates Hall Introductory Programming Lab (IPL)
Odegaard Library
Elsewhere on campus
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Editor: If "Other", specify:

Submit Your Program

Examine the receipt page after submitting, to be sure that no syntax errors were detected in your program. If your program has syntax errors, you will see a red failure message after you submit it. You should fix these errors and submit your program again. You can submit as many times as you like; only the last one will be graded.

When you click the button below, a window will pop up asking you to take our our optional diff Homework Survey. You can just close the window if you don't want to take the survey.