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 Women in Computer Science and Engineering seminar: Syllabus
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190a Discussion Board
Download and post assignments, carry on general discussion

Raven Alexander, CSE Advisor
Room 120 in the Allen Center
box 352350

Radio Lab podcast about the actual, quantifiable negative effect of stereotypes and confidance
About 13 minutes long - skip to 2:10 for the good content :)

This is the syllabus for CSE 190a, Women in Computer Science and Engineering


Jan 3
Jan 10
Jan 17
Jan 24
Jan 31
Feb 7
Feb 14
Feb 21
Feb 28

Mar 6

First day!

Discussion: Why "Women in CSE?"

Presentations: Tech Leaders
Discussion: Exploring Majors
Panel: Current CSE majors

Field trip: Google!

Panel: Internships!

CSE Research Demo

Discussion: issues in CSE

CSE Research Demo


Due: Critical Response to assigned article
Due: Profile of tech leader
Due: Profile of assigned major
Bring a question!
Bring a question!
Due: Critical Response to assigned article


Basic info:

Tuesdays 2:30-3:20 in
Room 691 of the Allen Center for CSE.
This course is intended for pre-major women currently enrolled in Intro Programming.

Raven Alexander, CSE Academic Advisor.
Questions? Talk to me in class, send an email, or come in for an appointment!
Office: Allen Center for CSE, room 101

TA: Jenny Abrahamson, current CSE major!
Jenny is your best resource for questions about what it's like to be a CSE major, work in an internship, help a professor with research, or any other question about the CSE student experience.

Course Goals:

  1. Explore computer science, including research, careers, and the contributions of important women.
  2. Encourage a broad, accurate view of computer science and related fields.
  3. Establish an environment for discussion, debate, and community for women interested in CSE
  4. Inspire interest, enthusiasm, and curiosity about computer science.


Course Expectations:

Grading: To receive credit, you must earn at least 130 of 140 possible points, including all 40 Homework points and at least 90 (of 100 possible) Participation points:





10 per class

100 points


10 per assignment

40 points

Total possible



Points needed for credit



Participation: This seminar is based in dicussion, demonstrations, and in-class activities, so participating is very important. You can earn participation points by asking questions and participating in discussions in class, and/or by posting questions and articles in the "General Discussion" section of our GoPost board.

Assignments: This course will include four assignments. For each, you'll research a specific topic, read an assigned text or watch a lectiure online, then share information from the assignments in class.

  • Download and turn-in assignments in the "Assignments" section of our GoPost board. You need to post all assignments online to receive credit.
  1. Why Women in CSE? This assignment introduces the purpose of this seminar
  2. Leadership - Important Women in CS: Research a leader in the tech industry, and share her profile with the class
  3. Majors - Your options as a UW student: Collect and share info about a computing-related major
  4. Experiences - Talking with Women in the field: Read and discuss first-person narratives from women computer scientists

    + Panel Questions: We’ll have two panels, one with current majors and one with alumni. Please think of questions in advance! Asking questions will count toward your participation points.

Make-up assignments: Make-up assignments are possible if you must miss more than one class, but it is highly preferable that you actually attend every week!


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