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University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering
 Women in Computer Science and Engineering seminar
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Want to take CSE 190a in Winter 2012? Request an add code here!

190a Discussion Board
(Link added at start of quarter) Download and post assignments, carry on general discussion

Course syllabus

Raven Avery, CSE Advisor
Room 120 in the Allen Center
box 352350

Radio Lab podcast about the actual, quantifiable negative effect of stereotypes and confidance
About 13 minutes long - skip to 2:10 for the good content :)


This seminar meets in CSE 403 (click for map)

If you are interested in how women contribute to technology, we invite you to join CSE 190a! This one-credit seminar explores how you can contribute to the fabulous field of technology.

Course content includes panels, discussions, research demos, and a field trip. Requred work includes reading a couple short articles, gathering information online, and participating in class discussions.

We'll learn about women innovators, discover 'real world' applications of CSE, and meet other students interested in computing and taking 142 and 143!

Course Calendar

Jan 3
Jan 10
Jan 17
Jan 24
Jan 31
Feb 7
Feb 14
Feb 21
Feb 28

Mar 6

First day!

Discussion: Why "Women in CSE?"

Presentations: Tech Leaders
Field trip: Google!
Panel: Internships!

Discussion: Exploring Majors

Panel: Current CSE majors

CSE Research Demo

Discussion: issues in CSE

CSE Research Demo

CSE 190a meets Tuesdays 2:30-3:20 in room 403 of the Allen Center, and is open to pre-major students enrolled in CSE 142 or 143.

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