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 Women in Computer Science and Engineering Seminar (linked to CSE 142 and 143)
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Course syllabus


CSE 190a Winter 2008

Want to sign up for Spring 08? Request to register here.

If you’re registered for CSE 142/143 this Winter, we invite you to enroll in this fun, one-credit seminar to learn more about computer science and engineering, and meet other women in computing! Through weekly group discussions, hands-on activities, and special guests, we'll explore computer science and engineering at the UW and beyond, including:

  • exciting research areas (robotics, animation, game design, computers in education and medicine)
  • the contributions of important women in computing
  • how computing can solve real world problems in science, education, health, the arts, and many other fields
  • computing career paths and related majors at the UW
  • current issues in computing

We’ll meet future, current, and former CSE majors, including CSE alumni now in the computing industry. We’ll also visit a local company to see what life is life for women in computing after graduation. Computer science and engineering are valuable tools for countless career paths -- this seminar will help you explore your interests, whether you're headed to law school, curing cancer, social justice or game design, or if you have no idea what you want to do after graduation.

CSE 190A meets Tuesdays 2:30-3:20 in room 403 of the Allen Center for CS&E. Read the syllabus here and request an add code here.

This one credit seminar is only for students concurrently enrolled in CSE 142 or 143.

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