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Raven Avery, CSE Advisor:



Room 120 in the Allen Center

box 352350


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If you're taking 142 or 143 this autumn, and are interested in how women contribute to technology, we invite you to join CSE 190a!

The seminar explores the experiences of women studying and working in computer science and engineering. We'll talk about "real world" applications of technology, from digital entertainment to improving lives in developing nations. The course is experience-based: we'll view demos of current CSE research projects, talk with CSE students and alumni, and visit a local company to see what life is like working in the tech industry.

Computer science and engineering are valuable tools for many career paths -- this seminar can help you explore your interests, whether you're headed to med school, a game design studio, or are still exploring.

Open only to students enrolled in CSE 142 or 143.

CSE 190a, linked to CSE 142 and 143

Computer Science & Engineering
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