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 Women in CSE Seminar (Linked to CSE 142 and 143)
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Course Description

Through weekly group discussions, hands-on activities, and special guests, we will explore educational and career paths in computer science. We will hear about and meet women who are currently majoring in CSE, as well as women who have graduated and are out in the working world, in graduate school, or serving as researchers or professors in computer science. Along the way, we will introduce you to the women who have been - and who continue to be - pioneers in the field. We'll discover how computing is put to use to solve the "real world" problems of today and tomorrow - anything from sciences, education, social sciences, and even the arts. The breadth and versatility of computing will surprise you.

Have you thought about medical school? Curing cancer? Maybe law school or teaching? Come find out how CSE can fit into all of these paths. Are you worried about whether this is really the direction you want to go? Not to worry - we are all in this together and if you join us with an open mind and a lot of questions, it is bound to be a great experience.

This one credit seminar is for students concurrently enrolled in CSE 142 or 143.

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