Writing your code and your report is a very technical process. A big part of discussing research is trying to make it accessible to a general audience so that more people can benefit from your work. For this part of the project, you (and your group, if applicable) will record a video presentation explaining the high-level points of your project to a general audience. You should assume the audience of your video is not familiar with the details of your project report or code.


For context, the final part of the project is watching the videos for some other projects in the class! So you will actually have viewers that are not yet familiar with your project. You will be asked to watch a few videos from other groups and give feedback on their presentations


Submit a 3-5 minute video presenting a slide deck (or other tool) highlighting the project’s big ideas. Your presentation should convey the following details:

  • Title and authors
  • Motivation
  • Research questions
  • Methods
  • Results, visualizations, and key takeaways
  • Future work, or future directions for this project

There are a few expectations of your presentation:

  • Clearly conveys the information listed above.
  • The details of your presentation/artifact should be the most important parts of your project without requiring all the detail of your code or report. It should be understandable to someone who has not read your report yet.
  • If you are working in a group, all group members must present some meaningful aspect of the project during the video.
  • Your video is submitted on some online service like Youtube, Google Drive, or Dropbox. You don’t need to make the videos public, but make sure it is accessible to anyone with the link.
Recording Tips

Zoom is the easiest way to record the video with screenshare and team members. Since this is such a short video, don’t bother editing and just re-take the video. This might take a 5 or more takes—think of each take as practice for a live presentation. If team members are not able to meet synchronously, you can also edit-together shorts from each team member.

If you are working alone, there are other screen recording tools such CamStudio (Windows only) and Quicktime, but Zoom also works for solo projects as well!


We will be using a tool called DevPost (link below) to submit videos, as it is a great way to let everyone view each other’s work. Note that only students enrolled in the course and the course staff will be provided a link to our DevPost project.


One of your group members will need to make a DevPost account in order to make a submission. We recommend using Google Sign in with your UW email, but that is not required. This way you don’t have to worry about setting up a password at all! You do not need to provide any additional information, you can select arbitrary responses for the account creation questions.


Uncheck any boxes about signing up for mailing lists to save your inbox!

Join the CSE 163 22wi Data Science Fair (linked above) to make your submission. Your submission should include your groups title, name of your group members, a high-level description of your project, and your group’s video.

Your group members don’t need to join DevPost (but they are welcome to!), but you should still include their names in the description. Only one person per group needs to make an account and submit, but if more than one person wants to make an account there is a feature to add multiple accounts to one submission.

Make sure the name of your project on DevPost matches your project report title and make sure it’s something more descriptive than just “CSE 163 Project” (since there are a lot of CSE 163 Projects 😃).

When making your submission, there is a description for your project that comes with a template you should fill out (doesn’t need to be long).

About the project template

DevPost will ask you to briefly write down the following things about your project.

  • Inspiration
  • What it does
  • How we built it
  • Challenges we ran into
  • Accomplishments that we’re proud of
  • What we learned
  • What’s next for test


Note that your project title should be descriptive of what your group worked on. Avoid a project title like “CSE 163 Final Project” as that makes it impossible to know what your project is about! Make sure it matches your project report!

DevPost asks you to fill out a few extra fields for your submission that aren’t as important. The important ones for us are:

  • Project title (descriptive)
  • About the project (with the template filled in)
    • Include the name of your group members in this section.
  • Video link

You do not need to link to a GitHub repo or other external website. For “Built with” you can just select Python. You can include an image if you want but it is not necessary. Only the things listed above are required.