Getting Help

Having questions or getting stuck on something is entirely expected in the learning process. If you find something challenging with your studies, that is a sign you are learning! Learning is not something that you need to do alone though! In fact, connecting with your peers or asking a member of the course staff for help can add extreme depth to your knowledge.

  • Synchronous Help (Office Hours): One place to go to get help is our Office Hours hosted throughout the week. TAs staff office hours for many hours a day to provide you the help you need when you need it! This is a great place to go if you want to review a particular course concept, work on a practice problem with the help of a TA or your peers, or get help on one of the take-home assessments if you are running into difficulties.

  • Asynchronous Help (Ed Discussion): With a class of our size, directly emailing a member of the course staff is not always recommended. There are many of you and only few of us, so if you email one person directly we can’t make a guarantee how quickly we can respond! To alleviate this one-on-one communication of email, we have a course discussion board that will be a much more lively place for discussion and a way to make sure you can get helped more quickly. The message board is set up so that all of the course staff can help you, which will make it more likely for you to receive a quicker response!

Ed Tips

  • If you are asking a general question about the course logistics or content, you can make a public post. This way other students can benefit from seeing your question, and you can even answer each other’s questions to share your perspectives!
    • If you want, you can choose to post anonymously so that other students in the course can’t see your name. Note that anonymous posting does not hide your identity from the course staff.
  • You’re encouraged to answer each other’s questions as well! Explaining a topic to someone else (even on a discussion board) is a great way to help you better understand the material The course staff will still look over student answers and can nicely point out some misconception if there is one so that everyone benefits.
  • If you have a question that’s pretty specific to your homework solution, or, is about some personal details that you would not want to share with the class (e.g., DRS accommodations), you can make a private post on Ed that is only visible to the course staff. This way, any member of the staff can respond to get you the help you need!
  • For sensitive matters that you only want to discuss with Hunter, you can instead email Hunter if that makes you feel more comfortable. Note that the response time for Hunter’s email is longer than posting on the Ed board.


Photo of Hunter Schafer

Office Hours

Tues: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Hunter Schafer he/him/his


Hi there! 👋 My name is Hunter! I’ve lived in Seattle for almost my whole life after a brief stint in Alaska, where I was born, and a couple of years in Minnesota. I did my undergrad and masters here at UW in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, and now, I work here full-time on the Allen School faculty!

Funnily enough, I had absolutely no idea what computer science was when I started at UW. I took CSE 142 on a whim and enjoyed it enough to continue on to CSE 143, but not enough to commit to it as a field of study. It wasn’t until I became a teaching assistant for the 14x series did I really find my passion for computer science: teaching computer science. Since then, I’ve shaped my college and post-college career around teaching computer science. Since graduating with my masters, I’ve worked here at the Allen School as a Teaching Professor.

Outside of school and work, I usually spend most of my time hanging out with friends: just enjoying quality time or going out and exploring new restaurants and coffee shops. While living through the inside-times, I’ve tried to make a routine with some of my available free time: I’ve gotten into reading and cooking more regularly, I started practicing yoga, and I even tried my hand at streaming on Twitch (all while drinking questionably unhealthy amounts of coffee).

Talk with me about your favorite coffee shops or restaurants around Seattle, I’m always looking for new places to check out! Good book, podcast, or game recommendations are great too!

Teaching Assistants

Photo of Aishah Vakil

Aishah Vakil she/her


Quiz Section: AA

Coming soon

Photo of Andre Ye

Andre Ye he/him


Quiz Section: AC

Hey all! I’m Andre, an undergrad studying computer science and philosophy here at the UW. My particular interests are in improving the robustness and intelligence of so-called artificially intelligent systems. I am involved with research labs in the Allen School and UW Medicine, as well as a super cool RSO called Interactive Intelligence (which you should definitely check out).

Aside from the technical stuff, I enjoy swimming, learning esolangs, and jamming to metal and classical bangers (contrary to popular belief, they’re far from mutually exclusive). Some of my favorite philosophers/thinkers are Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, and Haraway. I’m excited to TA for you all this quarter!

Photo of Aneesha Ramesh

Aneesha Ramesh she/her


Quiz Section: AE

Hello everyone! My name is Aneesha, and I am a sophomore studying Computer Science. This is my first quarter TAing for CSE 163, so I’m super excited! I really loved taking CSE 163, and I hope you enjoy this class as much as I did. In my free time, I enjoy exploring Seattle, traveling, binge watching television shows, running, and playing with my dog. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to reach out!

Photo of Ben Zhou

Ben Zhou he/him


Quiz Section: AA

Hello! My name is Benjamin but you can just call me Ben :D. For the past 9 years I’ve lived in Bellevue Washington and before that I lived in Ottawa, Canada where I was born. My family is originally from Shanghai but then moved to North America many years ago. In my free time you’ll find me playing volleyball at the IMA or practicing/composing piano music. CSE163 has been one of my favorite classes and I really hope you guys enjoy it too. Feel free to shoot me an email you have questions about anything and I’m forward to a great quarter together.

Photo of Blake Maxwell

Blake Maxwell he/him


Quiz Section: AJ

Hello! My name is Blake Maxwell, I am a senior undergrad majoring in Physics and Astronomy, with a minor in Data Science. I grew up in Spokane, Washington and lived there until I moved to Seattle in the fall to attend UW.

My experience with programming began in the fall of this year when I took CSE 160, where I fell in love with it. I signed up for CSE 163 last quarter and began taking online classes for Python and R, as I’ve heard those are best for data science. I continue to take these online courses while I TA for 163 this quarter in addition to my other classes, and now intend to get a data science minor! I haven’t done programming for very long but, I very much enjoy it and love learning new tricks and ways to do things.

I love listening to audiobooks, playing video games solo or with friends, and keeping up with STEM research papers and if you go looking when I’m not at home you can often find me in the quiet room of Suzzalo or the climbing gym in the IMA.

Photo of Carlos Yu

Carlos Yu he/him


Quiz Section: AB

Hi there. I’m Carlos and I’m a junior studying Computer Science. This is my first time TAing a course and I’m really excited about that! CSE 163 has always been one of my favorite courses here at UW, and I hope we will enjoy this course together!

I was born in Shanghai, China, and I’ve spent my four years of high school in St.Johnsbury, Vermont, during which I started to try & love skiing, photography, and programming. Besides that, I’m currently learning Japanese and I really like Japanese cuisines (let me know if you got any restaurant recommendations lol). I look forward to meeting everyone, and don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if you want to discuss anything with me!

Photo of CJ Rieth

CJ Rieth he/him


Quiz Section: AE

Hello everyone! My name is CJ and I’m a third year student studying Computer Science and minoring in Music! When it comes to CS, I am especially interested in low level computer systems and architecture, with Operating Systems being one of my favorite topics.

I’m from California (Bay Area represent!) but I have really fallen in love with Seattle during the 3-ish years I’ve been living here, rain and gloom included! If you couldn’t tell from my picture and minor choice, I really love playing and listening to music when I am not grinding CS. I’m currently a member of our Husky Marching Band and I played in the Campus Philharmonia Orchestra and Campus Concert Band back before COVID hit. Music has been a huge part of my life, and I really love exploring the intersection of the arts and programming, so if that interests you I’d love to chat!

Photo of Dylan Stockard

Dylan Stockard he/him


Quiz Section: AH

Hello! I’m Dylan and I’m a senior Electrical Engineering student. I am going to go straight into a Master’s in Data Science after graduation, so if you are thinking of going down that path feel free to ask me about it!

I have lived in Kirkland all my life (20 min. drive from the UW), and like most natives I love to spend time outdoors biking, hiking, and camping. I also love mixed martial arts. I am currently a member of the UW Wrestling club, and former member of the UW Boxing club. Feel free to ask me about either of those clubs if you’re interested!

Photo of Eli Lingat

Eli Lingat he/him


Quiz Section: AI

Hi everyone! My name is Eli Lingat, and I am a fourth-year studying Physics and Astronomy, and a first-time TA here in CSE 163. Physics and Astronomy may seem far-removed from CS as a major, but my specialty encompasses data science and Python, so far within a astronomical background. I’m very excited to work with everyone!

Photo of Ivan Belikov

Ivan Belikov he/him


Quiz Section: AC

Hey everyone!!! I’m Ivan and I am a third year student studying data science. I am originally from Dallas, Texas so the PNW has definitely been a huge change of scenery/environment for me. Although I still love Texas, I really like the diverse food and nature of the PNW. I love hanging out with friends, playing sports, working out, and generally any goodtime!

I know that my name and looks can be kinda confusing. I have a very “Russian sounding” name but a not very “Russian looking” face. This can all be explained with one simple fact about me: I am Russian and Indonesian. I am very connected with both my Russian and Indonesian side, particularly my Indonesian side though. I spent a lot of my childhood summers in Jakarta, Indonesia. So if any of you have been to Indonesia/Russia or are interested in visiting, I’d love to talk with you about it!

This quarter will be my first quarter as a TA for CSE 163 and I am super excited! I took CSE 163 the spring quarter of my sophomore year and absolutely loved it. I learned so many new things from the class and received a lot of helpful advice from Hunter and the TA’s from that quarter. After taking the class, I knew that I wanted to TA for the class at the soonest possible opportunity I could and now here I am! As you get to know me, you’ll see that I am a pretty talkative person and will talk to anyone about anything. So please don’t hesitate to come by my office hours to ask any questions or to simply just chat.

Photo of James Cao

James Cao he/him


Quiz Section: AK

Hello! My name is James Zheng Cao, a junior studying Mathematics. I am really excited to be a CSE TA for the 1st time! I went to high school in Southern California and spent my earlier years in Jiangsu, China. I love music, exercise, reading, writing poems, cooking, gaming… I have done a series of math research and modeling competitions involving programming and machine learning. Currently, I am working on a financial mathematics project developing better stock trading models based on different neural networks for 177,000 companies. Feel free to reach out to me to talk about anything!

Photo of Kailey Tou

Kailey Tou she/her


Quiz Section: AF

Hello! I’m Kailey, a junior studying Computer Science. I was originally a Mechanical Engineering student but decided to switch over to CSE after taking this class. CSE 163 was the first CSE class I took here and I had a lot of fun, so I hope you all enjoy it too! In my free time, I like reading, baking, and going out for walks. If you have any questions or want to chat, feel free to stop by my office hours :)

Photo of Karen Velderrain-Lopez

Karen Velderrain-Lopez she/her


Quiz Section: AG

Hi y’all!! I’m Karen and I am a third year majoring in Computer Engineering. I was born and raised here in Redmond and my favorite parts of the PNW are the coffee and the boba. CSE 163 was my first CSE class here at the UW and I had an amazing experience; it’s what helped push me to apply to CompE, and although it can be tough at times, it was definitely the right choice for me.

Come by to chat about anything above or anything else - I’m sure we have at least something in common 😊

Photo of Murtaza Ali

Murtaza Ali he/him


Quiz Section: AD

Nice to e-meet you! I’m Murtaza, and I’m a PhD student in HCDE. My research focuses on human-centered data science, data visualization, and CS education. This is my first quarter TAing for 163, but I’ve taught Python for years, and I am excited to introduce it to all of you. If you have questions about research, grad school, teaching, cooking curry, or finding the right tool to line up a beard, be sure to reach out!

Photo of Paolo Pan

Paolo Pan he/him


Quiz Section: AG

Hello all! My name is Paolo Pan, and I’m a third-year student studying Computer Science. This is my first time TAing for this class, but I promise I will do my best to make it through!

Outside of school, I spend most of my time playing video games(Elder Ring) and hanging out with my friends. Recently, I have also started to learn how to cook; I was not very successful, but hopefully I will get better at it at the end of the quarter!

Photo of Paul Pham

Paul Pham he/him


Quiz Section: AB

Hey everyone! I’m a senior studying Informatics and Education, Communities, and Organizations (ECO). I’m also a Seattle native and I eat a lot so hit me up if you want to know—or know of—some good eating spots!

When I’m not studying, working, or eating, I have tons of hobbies! Ask me about my many mechanical keyboards, cooking, coffee, Shotokan Karate at UW (the club of which I am the President), and/or videogames.

sigh I’ll never financially recover from this.

Photo of Peter Xu

Peter Xu he/him


Quiz Section: AI

Hello! I am Peter, a junior in Mathematics. This is my first quarter TAing so let us all learn something from this amazing course by asking me questions! I am from Beijing, China and spent three years of high school in LA. Now I am genuinely enjoying the rainy days in Seattle lol. Recently, I have developed a interest in cooking on top of my old hobby in gaming. So aside from academic stuff, we can chat about receipt or good video games in free time! Looking forward to enjoying CSE163 and life at UW with you all!

Photo of Priti Das

Priti Das she/her


Quiz Section: AK

Hello! My name is Priti and I’m a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Informatics. In my free time, I enjoy dancing, traveling, watching movies, and trying new food places around campus. Let me know if you have any recommendations! I am also a part of UW‘s competitive Bollywood fusion dance team, Kahaani, where we travel nationally. I am super excited to be TAing 163 this quarter! Please feel free to reach out to ask any questions or just chat.

Photo of Ryan Siu

Ryan Siu he/him


Quiz Section: AJ

Hi there! I was born and raised in Northern California where I developed a keen interest in good food and videogames. I came to UW right out of high school pursuing a degree in CS and TAing for a few quarters along the way. In my free time I’ve been brushing up on my soup-making skills and learning how to record some songs. Feel free to ask me about music, cooking, or anything else on your mind.

Photo of Sabrina Fang

Sabrina Fang she/her


Quiz Section: AF

Hey! My name is Sabrina Fang and I’m a sophomore majoring in Informatics. I also intend to double degree in Geography with Data Science option. Most of my free time is spent on digital art and origami, but I’m also big on thrifting and trying new restaurants on the Ave. I welcome any recommendations! I’m super excited to be TAing this quarter and hope you all find this course as fun and interesting as I did. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would just like to chat :)

Photo of Suh Young Choi

Suh Young Choi she/her


Quiz Section: AD

Hi folks! I’m Suh Young, and I’m a junior double-majoring in Statistics and Classics. Unconventional combination, but hey, both involve urns to some degree! I did most of my growing up in Northeast Arkansas and I’ve been vaguely adulting in Seattle for the past few years.

This is my second quarter TA’ing for CSE 163, and I’m super excited for it! I’m quite fond of CSE 163 and Python in general. I think machine learning and data analysis are both pretty neat, and this class is a great intro to both topics! Fun fact: this was the only CS class at the UW I didn’t pull any all-nighters for! (I did take it in the summer, though, so it’s completely possible I never saw the sun go down…)

I try to be a pretty avid reader and writer in addition to keeping my math and coding skills sharp. Some of my not-very-CSE-related interests include Shakespearean tragedy, language learning, European musicals, and the Marvel Cinematic/Disney-Plus’ed Universe. Come down to office hours for questions, chill vibes, and/or impromptu puns.

Photo of Vatsal Chandel

Vatsal Chandel he/him


Quiz Section: AG

Hey everyone! My name is Vatsal, and I am a freshman majoring in Engineering. Currently, I am undeclared but I want to major in Human-Centered Design Engineering. This is my first time TAing for a class, but I am really excited! In my free time, I love to watch movies, TV shows, read, and drink coffee (if you guys have any recommendations, let me know!)

Please reach out for anything. I am excited to get to know you all!