You cannot start this part until Thursday at 8:30 am as you don’t have videos assigned to watch yet. We are unable to assign you videos to watch until after the due date for the videos Wednesday night.

Peer Feedback: due Friday 06/10 at 11:59 pm. To submit the reflection and peer feedback, use this Google Form (requires UW login) below. Note this part is completed individually, even if you worked in a group.

Google Form


This for has three main purposes for this last part of the project:

  1. To provide you a chance to reflect back on your experience on the project to help you think about what went well and how you might want to tackle a similar project in the future.
  2. (If applicable) Give your group mates feedback.
  3. (If applicable) To give feedback to other groups’ projects based on watching their videos.

You are being graded on the quality of your reflection and how much thought you put into it. There are no correct answers for these questions.

You will receive an email confirmation that you submitted this form. If you did not receive a confirmation, we did not receive your responses.

Group Feedback (if applicable)

If you are working by yourself, you will have a slightly different set of questions and can ignore this section.

There are also two portions for you to fill out for group Feedback if you have a group: one “public” and one “confidential”. The intent here is for you to give honest and helpful feedback to your teammates about working with them. The course staff will email the public feedback to the respective groupmates. The “confidential” feedback is for anything that you might not want to publicly share with your teammate(s) that might give the course staff a better understanding of how your group worked together. We will not share any confidential feedback with your teammate(s).

Note: We do use the group feedback to determine if there was a major imbalance in group members working on the project, and may adjust the score for a group member who did not participate equitably. This is not meant to be stressful and we are just trying to avoid having one group member slack off and get the same score. Don’t be afraid about being honest in your feedback (public or confidential) since this is only a minor portion of the grade.

Watch Other Project Videos


This section is only relevant if you chose Option 2 for the presentation and made a video. Groups that made a poster do not need to watch videos.

You will be assigned some number of projects that you should watch the project video for and you should write some feedback to that group about their project.

You can find links to which projects you should watch in the google form.

All feedback you provide to the other groups is “public”. In other words, we will send those groups your comments verbatim, but your name will not be shared so your feedback will be anonymous to them.

When leaving feedback, make sure you stay positive and are encouraging! Everyone worked really hard on their projects and we want to respect the work they put in. Make sure you put effort into highlighting what you thought was cool about their project, and thinking about how they could extend/improve their project.