All of the teaching staff.

Paul Pham he/him

Quiz Section: AA

Hi 🙋 I’m a senior double-degreeing in Informatics and Education (ECO). I also had incredible TAs that encouraged me to teach so here I am loving every minute! Ask me about computing ed, teaching, social justice, The Office, or my unhealthy enthusiasm for cooking and coffee.

Yunwei Liang she/her

Quiz Section: AA

Hi, I’m Yunwei :) I am a junior studying Computer Science. This was one of my favorite classes, so I decided to come back and teach it! Outside of 163 I really enjoy programming in the Society of Women Engineers. I look forward to meeting you all!

Andrea Muljono she/her

Quiz Section: AB

Hellooo! My name is Andrea and I’m a second year in CS and minoring in Music. I’m from the Bay Area, I love playing piano and drawing, I’m terrible at baking, and I can speak English, Indonesian, and French (learning Japanese).

Please feel free to chat with me about anything:)

Wen Qiu she/her

Quiz Section: AB

Hello! My name is Wen and I grew up in Guangzhou, China. I like drawing (see some work on my website ^) and playing/watching video games. This is my fifth (:o) quarter TAing for 163 and I am very excited to work with you all to get the most out of this class!

Alex Eidt he/him

Quiz Section: AC

Hi everyone! I’m Alex, a Junior in Electrical Engineering concentrating in Digital Signal Processing. I really enjoy basketball, biking, and working on coding projects outside of school. Looking forward to uncovering the magic that is Python with everyone!

Yuxiao Shi she/her

Quiz Section: AC

Hi:-) I’m a CS junior from Beijing, China. I love biking, a cappella/choir singing, and reading manga. I’ve also been playing Stardew Valley a lot lately. CSE163 is a fascinating course, I hope you enjoy it and develop a interest in data programming beyond what we learn in class!

Lauren Liao she/her

Quiz Section: AD

Hi everyone! I am Lauren and a third-year statistics (data science) student. CSE 163 was one of my most favorite courses and I’m glad to be one of the TAs this quarter. Outside of school, I love doing hand crafting like making perfume candles, lipsticks, etc and skiing/skating.

Soham Pardeshi he/him

Quiz Section: AD

Hey! I’m a student studying Philosophy and CS. I love thinking and talking about the intersection of these two fields. I also enjoy reading and listening to audiobooks. Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of adventure/fantasy novels. Feel free to give recommendations 🙂

Ryan Siu he/him

Quiz Section: AE

Hi! I was born and raised in NorCal where I developed an interest in good food and videogames. In my free time I’ve been refining my soup-making skills and learning how to record some songs. Feel free to ask me about music, food, or my rank in CSGO!

Zoe Kaputa she/her

Quiz Section: AE

Hi! My name is Zoe, and I’m excited to be TAing for 163. I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science. I’m originally from Connecticut but moved to Seattle for college. I’m also minoring in Digital Arts and Experimental Media and am passionate about combining technology with art.

Kailey Tou she/her

Quiz Section: AF

Hello! I’m Kailey, a sophomore studying Computer Science. I had a lot of fun when I took this class and hope you all enjoy it too! In my free time, I like reading, baking, and going out for walks. If you have any questions or want to chat, feel free to stop by my office hours :)

Rit Shah he/him

Quiz Section: AF

Hi, my full name is Ritik Shah, but I generally go by Rit! This is my 5th quarter TAing CSE 163. I’m from the Midwest, specifically Indiana. Outside this course, I love to cook and play video games (notably Minecraft)! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you this quarter!

Hatice Ece Oz she/her

Quiz Section: AG

Hi, I’m Ece! I am from Turkey and I am a junior double majoring in Informatics and Chemistry. Outside of classes, I like cooking, playing basketball, reading, and watching movies/series! I’m very excited to be a TA again for this course and meet everyone in the upcoming weeks!

Karen Velderrain-Lopez she/her

Quiz Section: AG

Hi y’all! I’m Karen, and I am a second year majoring in Computer Engineering. I was born and raised here in Redmond and my favorite parts of the PNW are definitely the coffee and boba (currently taking drink or food recs). I love charcuterie, face masks, and weird knick-knacks 😊

Hannah Cheung she/her

Quiz Section: AH

Hello! I’m a senior pursuing a 5th year BS/MS in Computer Science. I originally was a Bioengineering and Statistics major before entering the Allen School. I enjoy figure skating, listening to K-pop music, and working towards my goal of becoming trilingual. Nice to meet you all!

Kenny Le he/him

Quiz Section: AH

Hey everyone! My name is Kenny and I’m a junior studying Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE). Most of the time you can find me staying up till 3 am and snacking on some Cliff bars. Can’t wait to meet y’all and learn more about Python!

Ani Avetian she/her

Quiz Section: AI

Hi Everyone! I am a junior pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering. Something I love is playing video games. Some of my favorite games are Red Dead Redemption II, Subnautica, and Minecraft!