CSE 160 Winter 2017
Section Topics

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January 5 Section 1 (Intro, python & cmd line)
Slides, Problems, Solutions
January 12 Section 2 (Loops, ifs, Functions)
Problems Solutions
January 19 Section 3 (More Functions, Lists, File IO)
Problems, Solutions, Code Examples
January 26 Section 4 (Sets, Dictionaries)
Problems, Solutions
February 2 Section 5 (Midterm Practice)
Midterm Practice, Solution, Problem 6 Code
February 9 Section 6 (Dictionaries of Dictionaries)
Problems & Solutions
February 16 Section 7 (Testing)
Problems & Solutions
February 23 Section 8 (Plotting, Correlation, Planning for Group Work)
Plotting and Correlation Handout, PlottingDemo.py, Worksheet, version1.py, version2.py, sample_quant.txt, sample_quant2.txt
March 2 Section 9 (Final Exam Prep)
Sample Questions (Solution) phonebook.py, phonehome.py
March 9 No Section - Project Office Hours, CSE 3rd Floor Breakout area